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  • HT-SMS

  • Hitop

This stash mobile storage with 16x tote tray compartments,constructed form E0 board.Locking castors for easy transport.Store writing materials like pens, markers, paper, stationery supplies,very suiable for classroom and library.

Never worry about losing a thing again.

Australia Style Education  FurnitureE0 melamine board
Specific Use:Place of Origin:
Office Furniture, Home Furniture, Hotel, SchoolGuangdong, China
Specification:Brand Name:
Type:Model Number:
Office furniture /Education furnitureHT-SMS
MOQ:Product Name:
10setsStash mobile storage
Trade Terms:Color:
EXW,FOBPhoto color of standard, Optional color welcome to customize

The Stash Mobile Storage is a versatile and practical storage solution designed to meet the needs of schools and offices. Constructed with E0 melamine board, this storage unit offers a durable and environmentally friendly option for organizing and storing various items.

The use of E0 melamine board in the construction of the Stash Mobile Storage ensures both durability and sustainability. E0 melamine board is known for its low formaldehyde emission, making it an eco-friendly choice for environments where indoor air quality is a priority. The melamine board is resistant to scratches, stains, and water, ensuring that the storage unit maintains its pristine appearance even with regular use.

The Stash Mobile Storage is designed to cater to the unique requirements of schools and offices. With its ample storage space and versatility, it offers an efficient solution for organizing books, documents, supplies, and other essentials. The storage unit features 16x tote trays, providing individual compartments for categorizing and accessing items easily. This promotes organization and productivity in busy educational and professional settings.

One of the standout features of the Stash Mobile Storage is its locking castors. These castors allow for easy mobility, making it effortless to move the storage unit from one location to another as per the changing needs of the school or office. The locking mechanism ensures stability and prevents accidental movement, providing a safe and secure storage solution.

The Stash Mobile Storage is equally suitable for both schools and offices. In school environments, it can be used to store textbooks, art supplies, stationery, and other learning materials. The individual tote trays allow students and teachers to have their personalized storage spaces, promoting organization and efficiency. In office settings, the storage unit can be used to store files, folders, stationery, and other office supplies, helping to maintain a clutter-free workspace and streamline daily operations.

Furthermore, the Stash Mobile Storage is designed to withstand the demands of everyday use. The E0 melamine board and high-quality construction ensure durability, making it a long-lasting storage solution. The materials used in its construction are easy to clean and maintain, further enhancing its practicality and ensuring a hygienic storage environment.


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